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Adam Driver is amazed by playing character Kylo Ren in “Force Awakens”

Adam Driver, the famous actor from Girls, claims that he got rid of the anguish he had of watching himself act in the movies he appears, and this is all thanks to his new role in the most expected movie – Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens. According to, the actor took the decision of never watching his movies again after seeing himself in the pilot episode of Girls, claiming that he was observing all his mistakes and flaws and he couldn’t turn back time to change anything. He also, stated that coming from a theater background was ok for him, because he couldn’t see himself on stage performing.


Now, he decided to change his mind about this, because this time he plays the super villain Kylo Ren in the upcoming STAR WARS VII: THE FORCE AWAKENS and he can make an exception:


“Because we did so much work on it … It seemed like I should just try getting over it,” he said, adding, “And it’s Star Wars. I can’t literally believe that I was in it.”


Driver had the chance of confronting his fears last week at a private screening shot session along with Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia) and Daisy Ridley (Rey). After this, he was asked if the experience of seeing himself was frustrating and he stated:


“Yeah … I want to control it more and that’s not really I feel conducive maybe to acting.”


Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens lands in cinemas on the 18th of December, so stay tuned for more!


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