I really wanted to see a good robot movie since… I don’t really know when was the last good robot movie that I could say that I actually enjoyed, but Chappie changed that for me and it will definitely change that for you too because it has a lot of philosophy which I was surprised to get from an action movie. As for the main cast we have Deon, a super smart kid that has created intelligent robots that are very skilled when it comes to combat and he is played by Dev Patel or that kid that everybody know from Slumdog Millionaire. The bad guy which is not necessarily bad but the way that he is presented makes him look bad is played by Hugh Jackman, and he has one of the strangest and ugliest haircuts in his career, a mullet… Yes, he has a mullet. And lastly the real bad guys are played by the two members from the Die Antwoord band, Yolandi Visser and Ninja and they actually don’t act so much because they behave like they would normally do.

The story of the movie focuses around Deon and how he is trying to implement and replace a robot intelligence with artificial intelligence and create something like Iron-Man’s Jarvis. But Deon take it a step forward and not only that he creates artificial intelligence but he creates something like the human mind and this intelligence starts learning from scratch, just like a baby, but much faster than a normal human being. And to test that he need a robot, which he is not authorized, so he decides to steal one that it’s already damaged from combat and has only a 5 day battery inside.

After he steals the robot, Deon is kidnaped by Ninja and Yolandi who needed him to give them a remote or something to shut the police robots so that they can do a heist, because every time they committed a crime the robots came to stop them, and they were owning a lot of money to the leader of a big big gang. So when they took Deon they have also seen that he has a robot with him and Deon told them that he possessed artificial intelligence that could make the robot do whatever they wanted to, hoping that he could get out alive.

The situation has a lot of twists and turns but you have to see the movie, I gave you just enough to make you curious and you definitely have to watch it and you will see that Chappie will also have moral dilemmas and he will be taught what a promise is and what’s like forgiving somebody, but he will also be said that he cannot kill anybody. It’s very interesting to see how he is manipulated and what the world can do to a human mind that does not understand what’s good and what is bad.

If you haven’t watched this movie yet then I highly encourage you to see it, it may not be the best movie ever but it’s not that bad either, it has a good bunch of action and some things about morals that you just can’t get so easily from a movie like this. Even though it’s got some bad acting from those musicians and you can see that acting is not for them, but the movie is very well scripted and you will love it.


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