I always loved history and it’s always good to know some things that happened while we were not born yet and if you are a gamer things like this do not get your interest so easy and that’s why I love when games based on historical events are released, games such as Assassin’s Creed or the one that I’m going to talk today, CounterSpy.

The game is heavily inspired from the Cold War era and it presents you the war from a spy’s perspective that works for an organization that thinks about the greater good rather than what’s best for one country or another. Based on a lot of things from that era and you can see and hear from the stylish presentation and spy themed music that go so good together, I definitely saw the great work that the indie team Dynamighty has put into this great game.


Playing a sidescroller is not always so fun, but when you have games like this you cannot deny that it’s a pleasure to see something so refreshing that gives you a couple of hours of gameplay and teaches you some things about the art of spying and infiltrating into the enemy bases to steal the nuclear codes and stop what can later be a world’s disaster. Your player is a full black character that infiltrates either in Imperialists (U.S.) or Socialists (USSR) bases to stop the missile launches and he can also collect intel and blueprints so that he can upgrade his weaponry.

The way that this game is drawn is flawless and you can clearly see which base is which and your agent will have to infiltrate silently so that he does not rise the DEFCON status of his enemy, if you don’t know what DEFCON is, do a google search or let me help you with that:


any of several alert statuses for U.S. military forces, ranked numerically from normal, 5, to maximum readiness, 1.
Origin of DEFCON
def(ense readiness) con(dition)


You’re welcome!

And don’t think that this game can get boring, the missions are not at all repetitive because you have tons of stuff to do and it all looks so stylish in a James Bondesque way. Just check out the trailer:

So blow the dust of your PS console or take your old PSP out of your school bag and prepare yourself for an awesome spy adventure like you’ve never experienced before.

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