DiRT: Showdown

We all know that the Dirt series is popular for its true feeling and authenticity that it has towards real rally racing and personally I loved playing all the games in this series and what I liked even more was seeing how all of this has evolved over time. And now it’s time to take a look at the new Dirt game which is Dirt Showdown that has more of an arcade feeling rather than a true authentic driving experience.

And all of this comes with a price. You take a beloved racing game and you make it into something that looks like the party mode in the Burnout series and you get this, but with far more better handling and better visuals. The tracks look superb and they have a lot of personality to them, just like the sleek presentation menu that Codemasters know that we love so much and it looks very good.

The sound effects are great and the music is good too but the most annoying parts are when you have that commentator that just kills the English language and makes you want to go deaf, because he and everything that comes out of his mouth sucks! But the cars look good and their handling is now more friendly even to those that have not played this game before, or any Dirt game at all.

When it comes to gameplay this game made it all really simple, we can say that it’s a lighter version of Dirt 3 which has kept all the good aspects but wanted to be more fun to play. The career mode implies that you go on a world tour and you compete in different events, you win races, unlock new ones and earn money, you buy new cars or upgrade your current one and that’s it, pretty basic stuff, nothing too complicated.

You have different gameplay modes such as the classic, Race, where you have to compete in different racing events, after that comes Demolition where you destroy stuff and have fun, and finally you have Hooligan where you have courses full of obstacles and it will be a familiar ground if you played the Gymkhana mode in Dirt 3. There is a Party mode too which is available in the multiplayer mode which you can play along your friends or other players around the world.

Overall this game has a good presentation and it does a good job when it comes taking an arcade approach rather than the classic racing simulator that this game had us accustomed us with. And I really encourage you to give it a try today!

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