Dying Light

Dying Light is one of the best survivor game that I’ve played in years and that’s because it manages to combine a popular and very used theme, and that is zombies, with modern day gaming dynamics and movements like parkour and freerunning. And you will have a pretty interesting gameplay that is combined with somewhat of an original idea, making it one of the best games of 2015 that you really need to play.


You will be playing from a first person perspective as Kyle Crane, an undercover operative of GRE (Global Relief Effort) that is sent to Harran a historic Turkish city where a viral outbreak has mysteriously turned most of the citizens into deadly zombie-like monsters. Your mission is to retrieve a file that was stolen by Kadir Suleiman, and he is using it in order to stay alive, or else he will release and make the file viral all over the internet.

When you arrive in Harran you are bitten by a zombie but some locals save you and ask for your help, and you will gladly accept to help them in order to get closer to finding Kadir. One of your friends will be Rais who will teach you how to survive and how to make your way throughout the city because the roads are full of zombies and the most convenient way is to run and jump on the buildings so that you stay on a high level above the ground.

The game gives you a lot of cool combat and you will be scavenging for scrap and you will create deadly and cool weapons. This ability to craft weapons is very useful and you will definitely love it. You will also be having a skill tree which will allow you to upgrade different abilities like combat or freerunning. And there is also a day-night cycle that you have to be aware of because during the night there are some deadly and very agile creatures that will most likely kill you and you need to set a bunch of safe houses throughout the city to make sure that you have a shelter.

A multiplayer mode is also available and you can play with your friends co-op styled missions where you kill zombies or you can play survivor missions where one of you takes the role of a zombie and tries to kill the others and it’s all good fun but I really liked the side missions that the single player mode had to offer and slaughtering zombies with cool weapons that you crafted yourself is always fun. So I totally recommend this game and I encourage you to give it a try if you haven’t already.

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