Fallout 4 challenge: no crimes during the game

So, as any other Fallout game, the most recent title – Fallout 4 – was put to the challenge of being played and finished without killing anyone in it, which is probably the most difficult test of an RPG game ever. The original Fallout and Fallout: New Vegas can be played without crimes, Fallout 2 has only one character that you must kill, and Fallout 3 has 3 similar situations.


So, apparently, the player Kyle Hinckley managed to finish the Fallout 4 campaign without any murder, and that’s not all, he did this on the highest difficulty level – Survival. He claims that Fallout 4 does not provide a variety of abilities for avoiding conflicts and he was disappointed that his success was not a diplomatic one, like New Vegas, but instead he had to use a perk and a lot of savescumming. Due to the fact that the character doesn’t get XP points for the fights, Kyle has collected them by creating establishments. So he reached level 10, which unlocks the vital Perk for this play-through: Wasteland Whisperer, which makes the enemies to surrender or to get on the player’s side.


So what do you think about this? Can you play Fallout 4 without killing anyone? Leave you answer in the comment section below!


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