Fallout 4 – first game for which RAM speed really matters!

So, as you may probably know this already, throughout time, the RAM speed memory had the smallest impact over the fluidity of PC games, from all the components which actually has an effect on the game. A lot of tests have proved that the RAM card frequency has a very small influence on running the game and in some situations the difference between 1333MHz and 2400MHz for instance is almost nonexistent.

Fallout 4

But here we have Fallout 4 recently released on November 10 by Bethesda Games for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, which was tested by Digital Foundry to see how does it run on 1080p60fps. During the testing they used a system of i5 4690K și GTX 970 in order to keep every component away from being altered by bottleneck. Then they tested three memory kits on different frequencies each and the results were a noticeable premiere. The difference between 1600MHz și 2400MHz was a medium 12.3FPS, which is 22%. The test was operated at 1080p.


It is true that, for this to give such a result, you need both the processor and the video card not to be the weak component of the system and not to cause the bottleneck.

So it seems that there’s a new era in PC gaming going on, and the RAM frequency will be an important criteria in game fluidity.

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