First pieces of info about the ‘Star Wars’ game

Visceral Games is currently developing Star Wars and they’ve started in 2013 to work on this big project, but they haven’t revealed almost anything about it, except the only image appearing in the announcement of the title.

Star Wars

But today, there was this recruited campaign that gave us some clues about what we might find in the upcoming Star Wars game. Let’s see what’s going to be featured:

  • Heroes
  • AI
  • Battles and weapons
  • Classes
  • Skills and progression
  • Normal Enemies and Bosses
  • Plot

Now that we have some puzzle pieces, we can match them to see what Star Wars is going to be about; so, starting with the fact that Visceral Games has created the Dead Space and Battlefield: Hardline series, chances are that Star Wars won’t be a strategy or a MOBA game. Then, if the game will feature AI, which include the story and the enemies, it means that a multiplayer option will be eliminated from the list, but you never know what future is bringing though. Anyway, the most predictable options would be that the game will have Singleplayer RPG, FPS/RPG Multiplayer (Destiny-like) or MMO such as Star Wars: The Old Republic.

So, what do you think it might be? Leave your comments below!

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