Hotel Transylvania 2 – Go-No-Go?


The sequel doesn’t beat the first movie of the series and neither is it any worse; it successfully manages to expose the same sympathetic characters in an exciting and new setting.
In state of the art 3D animation, Director Genndy Tartakovsky enlivened the monsters, vampires and ghouls living in the Hotel Transylvania with an amusing script and a colorful intrigue illustrating Dracula (Adam Sandler)’s daughter Mavis (Selena Gomez) and her son, Dennis (Asher Blinkoff) who deal with issues specific to their kind, leading them to wonder as to why is Dennis’ fearsome appearance delayed? In an attempt to answer this and find out his little fangs, Mavis is lead to believe that the best option for Dennis would be to return to her husband (Johnny/Andy Samberg)’s hometown. However, her Father, Dracula managed to convince her to go visit the in-laws for some quiet thinking time. The “sinister” Count Dracula is then left with the task of babysitting Dennis, whom he hopes to pressure into showing his non-human abilities.


According to Deadline, the movie set records, making it stand in the top charts of the box office for almost seven full weeks, although it’s up to viewers to decide whether or not the sequel is better than the “original”, so to speak. As a result, we encourage you to get a ticket while it’s still hot in theaters and share your opinion!

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