Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine to be replaced by Tom Hardy?


A recent interview with Hugh Jackman reveals that the actor’s suggestion for a future Wolverine role should include Tom Hardy as a possible new Logan character.


It’s not a really good news to know, but in the end all the fans will have to deal with the fact that someday Jackman will no longer play Wolverine, since he doesn’t age or die or even get killed, so instead he’ll be replaced by someone else.


The proposed-to-be the new WolverineTom Hardy – is not a certain option yet, because, according to the fact that he accepted roles in movies such as Dark Knight Rises, Inception or This Means War it’s not likely that he will agree to sign the contract with Marvel and being forced to appear in an unknown number of future sequels.

But anyway, it’ll take a few more years for this to be put under serious thinking about who’s going to be the next Wolverine, after Jackman will retire from the series. Until then, we have the upcoming movies X-Men: Apocalypse  on May 27th, 2016 and Wolverine 3 on March 3rd, 2017.

So, who do you think to be the next person to be Wolverine?


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