Infamous: Second Son

Infamous Second Son is the game that manages to do what Prototype couldn’t, and that is to bring a cool game with awesome graphics, the same powerful and destructive anti hero character and way much better visuals that really knows how to take advantage of your PS4 console, so if you bought one then you have absolutely no reason not to play this game too.

The new game also brings us a new character, Delsin Rowe, which is a member of the Akomish reservation where a truck carrying Conduit prisoners has crashed. Delsin follows one of them and accidentally absorbs his powers while he has helping him. While Delsin was trying to figure out what was happening to him, they both get caught by Brooke Augustine which had the power to turn things into concrete and then interrogates Delsin and leaves him unconscious while she turned the prisoner into concrete and tries to find out the information that she seeks from the rest of the tribe.

Delsin finds out that the tribe is dying from concrete shards that have been buried into their bodies by Augustine and he wants to help them by absorbing her powers, and he goes after her to Seattle along his brother who is a representative of the law. In Seattle Delsin stumbles upon the other prisoners and he takes their powers too and the fun begins! So this is all that I’m going to give away about the plot of the game.

So you’ve got a very powerful character that can absorb powers in a big city that is controlled by Department of Unified Protection (D.U.P.) and he has a thirst for vengeance and wants to help the people that he cares about, you know what is going to happen, right? Epic destruction fights where you will blow things up with your bare hands and create insane weapons. You will also have to make choices on rather he is a good guy or a bad guy and you will get special powers that differ based on your choices. And each one has a skill tree which allows you to upgrade them so that you are more powerful.

Add all of this to a great story and good visuals thanks to the PS4 and you will not regret playing this game. It has something special to it that most games do not have and you will love the characters, the gameplay and the all round game but what sucks is that you will feel like a bad guy whatever choices you make. But you really need to get this game if you like awesome graphics, good gameplay, and a cool anti hero.

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