Michael Pachter about ‘Battlefield’ and ‘Call of Duty’

So far, with every Battlefield installment launched, the EA and DICE have been trying to overcome Activision’s well known game Call of Duty, but their effort was still unsuccessful until this very moment.

But let’s see what Michael Pachter, the most famous game analyst in the world, has to say about this; so, he has declared that 2016 will be the year when Battlefield will finally outcome Call of Duty. His argument was that the team who’s working on next year’s Call of Duty is Infinity Ward, the same team who made Ghosts – which was the worst series in the past years so far.


On the other hand, DICE is going to bring Battlefield to the military theme, since Hardline didn’t succeed to convince the fans. Besides this, the studio can use the Star Wars: Battlefront experience, which was released last month, to get some inspiration for their new upcoming game.

But even so, Infinity Ward can also get some ideas from their ‘historical’ titles like Modern Warfare, that were very appreciated by the fans, so this can be their inspiration in making the next Call of Duty.


Anyway, it sounds like competition between these two, but I don’t think that someone can predict how are they going to be, how good or how bad, so let’s just wait to see the teasers first and maybe we can figure some things later after that.

So what do you think, guys? Do you agree with Michael Pachter? Write your opinion in the comment section below!


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