NEW ‘Metal Gear’ game in progress

Although, Hideo Kojima has left the team, Konami Studios are not giving up on their famous production Metal Gear Solid, which by the way won the title for the BEST ACTION/ADVENTURE  GAME on this year’s Game Awards Show. So, apparently, the company has started a recruiting campaign for making the new METAL GEAR SOLID, and according to their announcement the game is going to be developed in Los Angeles and Tokyo Studios.


At this moment, Konami has only three strong licences for their classic game platforms (PC and consoles): Castlevania, Metal Gear Solid and Pro Evolution Soccer. So, considering this, the company’s decision in continuing the Metal Gear Solid series is not surprising at all.

After Hideo Kojima being the project director, game design director and the scriptwriter for all the titles of the series, which was a massive success game, now we’ll just have to wait and see if the game will keep its quality, even if its creator is no longer in the company to make another awesome sequel of this title.


So, what’s your thought about this news? Do you think the new Metal Gear Solid is going to remain as awesome as it was so far? Write down you opinion in the comment section below!


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