PlayStation VR: What are the top games out there?


Originally named “Project Morpheus” and firstly announced within the GDC in 2014, the PlayStation VR is a next generation virtual reality headset planned to reach the stores in 2016. Currently in development by Sony, it is expected to have a design compatible with PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. Capable of screening two sets of images (headset and TV), for involving more than just one player, PlayStation VR is a very hyped device for the next generation.
The recent video posted by Sony clearly shows the awesome features of the VR.

The available games that are compatible are generally dungeon crawlers, shooters, horror, etc., mainly types of genres that involve a lot of action and promise interactive content:
Whiteday (2016), Paranormal Activity VR, The Deep, Trackmania Turbo, etc. A full list can be found on IGN’s website.


Don’t forget to watch GameSpot’s video of the PlayStation VR presentation at Paris Game Week!

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