Finally there is a new Bond movie coming out this year and it looks better than ever, featuring yours truly the superspy agent James Bond portrayed by no other than Daniel Craig who did the best job at playing this iconic character. And now I’m going to let you watch the trailer and then we will talk more about the upcoming movie.

What do you think? I personally can’t wait another month to see this movie and to find out more about what is going to happen and did you see the antagonist???? Christoph Waltz, the one who was the creator of all the events that James Bond was involved, he is one of the best actors that lives amongst us and he will play the bad guy, we already know how all of that it is going be like (for all of you that seen Iglorious Basterds). Of course there is all the classic James Bondesqe stuff like cool suits, awesome weapons and a super fast and good looking Aston Martin (DB10) as well as the Bond Girl played by Monica Belluci.
And by the look on his face it was pretty clear to me that he knows who Oberhauser is, maybe a family member? Who knows.. And maybe the blonde girl that Bond is protecting is his innocent daughter, ahh the suspense it’s killing me. This trailer is way too good and it gives just enough to make you super intrigued.

So all we have to do is wait until the release of the movie, which is on 26th of October. Till then you can watch the trailer again to quench your thirst for Bond action.

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