STAR WARS continues to break records in sales

The latest movie of the Star Wars franchise has debuted on December 18 and it’s been breaking records since its premiere.


So, in U.S.A. their profits were about 250$ million and 281$ million in the rest of the world. Except that in China, the movie is being launched on January 9, 2016. So considering all this, in its first weekend STAR WARS had earnings of 529$ million on a global scale, breaking records in all the countries over the world. This week is being launched also in Greece and India.

The GALACTIC debut of the movie has put Disney Studios on top of the best earning studios from all the times, so Disney’s profit now has reached 5$ billion over the entire world.

So, how much did STAR WARS make in the rest of the countries? Here is the list:


  • UK 50,6 $ million
  • Germany 27,5 $ million
  • France 22,5 $ million
  • Australia 19,6 $ million
  • Japan 13,4 $ million
  • Russia 12,3 $ million
  • Mexico 11,4 $ million
  • Italy 9,4 $ million
  • Spain 9,3 $ million
  • Brazil 8,3 $ million
  • Korea 8,0 $ million
  • Sweden 6,7 $ million
  • Other countries 82,0 $ million


In total 281,0 $ million.


So apparently, STAR WARS crushed the record owned by UNIVERSAL with their Jurassic World (208,8 $ million in U.S. and 525 $ million global) and now it’s the #1 movie concerning profits. 


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