The pros and cons of The Walking Dead (video game)

Alright, it’s time to discuss serious matters: The Walking Dead. Was it just a perk or was it a hit? The interactive horror drama game published by Telltale Games is an episodic game and was first released in 2012. The second season was released in 2013-2014 and recently it was announced that there will be a season three released in the following year. So far, everything sounds good, but what makes this game different?

The Pros

The game was designed after the comic book series of the same name, with graphics exhibiting an unconventional approach that match the original visual display of the comic book series.
Plenty of action, with gore and horror scenes which make up a good zombie apocalypse game
The voice acting is unique and memorable
The script and use of cinematics allow the player to empathize with the characters and be emotionally involved
The overall design of the game makes it seem much like a TV show
The game emphasizes character development and brings forth a psychological pattern of characters
Easy to play, rich in details and innovative
Clementine (because she’s a sweetheart); wherever you saw before a lil’ ol’ girl holding a shotgun and defending people against the walking dead?


The Cons

The controls aren’t entirely accurate and whether you’re using a keyboard or a controller it doesn’t seem to make much of a difference
Lack of choices (Although the game is roughly based on offering players multiple choices, it doesn’t seem to offer that many possibilities for outcome of events, which is disappointing.)
Perhaps too easy (This game, although riddled with action, does not allow much movement or deviation from the initial point. Because of this, it may bore players who aren’t fond of the storyline)
Can be rather predictable


All in all, the game is good and if you are able to surpass certain details, you will find that amidst the array of details, awesome characteristics can surface which will definitely surprise you.

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