THE SURGE – News and info!

The producers of the upcoming game The Surge have released some new pieces of information about the game.

Deck13 and Focus Home Interactive will launch the Sci-Fi Action RPG – The Surge – available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One in 2017. Knowing that fans are curious and impatient, the studio decided to reveal some concept images and also, some gameplay ideas.


The game’s action is set in a dark, gloomy future, in which the big technological corporations had a negative impact over the climate, causing drastic changes all over the world. Also, the action from The Surge it’s going to resemble Close Quarters, and the main character will have the ability to choose to replace his arms or legs with advanced mechanisms.


The game’s atmosphere it’s going to feature macabre elements, especially for most of the inhabitants will be half human and half electronical. Weapons won’t necessarily come from the classic category, but you’ll be able to choose from hydraulic arms or plasma milling machines.


In combat, the body members of the enemies can be cut off, for both tactical reasons and for improving their skills.


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