The Thief Series

The Thief game series is recognised by the fact that it has revolutionised the game industry by bringing the stealth feature from a first person perspective which later has influ games such as HItman or other stealth games.

1. Thief: The Dark Project (1998)

This is where all of it has begun, with a game that has revolutionised everything and is the beginning of our protagonist, Garrett the master thief. You will see that this game is the good foundation on which the other games were built and you will recognise all the good stuff later on that you have seen here. The Victorian city with steampunk elements, all the gadgets and the tricks that Garrett knows, he learned them here. Just look at his trailer from 1997 and see how good was this game for that time.

2. Thief II: The Metal Age (2000)

This game was built on the foundation of the first, but now the developers have took more of an urban stealth approach and have taken Garrett out to see the light or the day, I mean the dark of the night and the shadows that were his best friends. The action is set in the same medieval city with Victorian influences and your skills are now taken to a whole new level. Your main objective is to complete missions which involve that you steal things and evade without being noticed, and to do that you always have to be silent and stay in the shadows. And a lot of things have evolved since the last game, now you have a lot of machinery that is going to stand in your way and even robots that replace some of the guards that were in your way.


3. Thief: Deadly Shadows (2004)

With a new developer came a new game, I mean the Thief game, but with some improvements, and they are obvious and very welcome. All of the changes are due to the new developer and a new engine, Unreal, which made the game look better and more up to date. I loved how now you were able to go to a third person perspective, but you also had your same old and trusty gadgets. The story is not that great as in the previous game but it’s forgiving because we’ve seen improvements on other domains.

4. Thief (2014)

After 10 years of waiting, the final game in the series was released last year and it’s better than ever with the same character, Garrett, who has returned to The City and finds out that there is a new ruler, the Baron and also the city is closed because of a plague. The new mechanics and the way that this game looks give you a new and improved Garrett which you will play from the beginning as a professional Thief because by now he has learned everything there is to know about stealing from others. This game is a must for all the Thief fans and not only. Look at this trailer and tell me that you don’t want to play this game, I won’t believe you.


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